What is the purpose of the AL (ALCT) token?

The AL (ALCT) token is an acceptance of the ALCT (A&L Crypto Trade) group and anyone who wants to cooperate with noted group can make money through the AL (ALCT) token.

We are looking for experienced and capable people who are crypto experts, to join us and help beginners to navigate in the right direction in the crypto world as well as help them avoid potential risks in the market.

Initiation into the group is achieved by purchasing an AL (ALCT) token. The more experienced crypto people in our business, the better for the new people who are just entering the crypto world.

The vision is that everyone has high profits over time, and we will achieve the same with the group's growth strategy, i.e. the more satisfied members there are that will automatically reflect on the better price of our token and increase in profit for everyone who holds it.

Total Supply: 2 billion

Launch date: June 13th 2021

First launch price: $ 0.0000180664

Burnable: No

Liquidity Pool

Pool adds $ 12,267.053

ALCT pooled 339,460,929.035

BNB pooled 18.353

Total LP Tokens 2.495

Contract: 0xfcea5aa857869a60f12c0de42ef0130b6f761e69

Every time a transaction with ALCT is made, 1% is distributed among every ALCT holder

How to buy

1:26 minutes